Creventic Endurance Series: 12 hrs of Spa Francorchamps!

A new season started for this series previously known as European Endurance series.
The start was at the legendary Spa Francorchamps, hosting GT3, GT4 & TCR.

We brought two TCR teams on the grid for these series, lead by Simon Whitten.

While Simon & Chris were in team 1 tackling the 12 hours by themselves, team 2 with Neil, Rob & Ben had a bit more “relaxation time” between stints.

Both teams were on the pace and constantly in podium positions ensuring this was going to be a good race for both teams.

While the hours rolled on, the infamous off tracks incident points iRacing gives at Spa started to rack up resulting in team 1 having 2 drive thru penalties, this has obviously made their race harder and dropping places was a result of that but eventually eventually clawing their way back with very consistent and good lap times they manage to cross the line in after 12 hours in 6th place! 👏

Team 2 showed their consistency throughout the race and stayed in podium places, even with a single drive thru and a speed penalty that took away their final push for the win they still crossed the line in 3rd position so well done 💪🏆

Thanks to all drivers in both teams!

Team 1 : Simon Whitten & Chris Young

Team 2 Neil Stephenson, Ben Stapleton-Denyer Rob Jackson

Now on to the next Event! 👊

Simracersworld at Oran park

A very technical and tight track with some dangerous high entry speed corners to spice it up will be the decor of the mid season race, our 3 drivers for battle were once again Rob Jackson Scotty Angelo & Bram G Claes.

Rob Jackson had to jump in without any practice due to time constraints which resulted in an end of the pack qualification,  Scotty Angelo managed 23rd position and Bram G Claes managed to secure the pole for the consistency class in 12th position.

Race 1 was a race getting acquainted with the track which unfortunately ended in the pits for Robster, Scotty after a first hit managed to finished in 22nd position With Bram taking the class win and ended in 12th spot overall after a close bridge incident on lap 1.

Race 2 pretty much mirrored race 1, although a massive crash before the bridge resulted in a Aussie sandwich menu as you can see.
Still after a crash with 6-8 cars involved, scotty managed to finish again in 23rd spot.
Rob was punted from behind at the bridge ending his race in the pits prematurely and Bram Had a relative straight forward race avoiding issues resulting in his second class win of the evening 12th position overall.


Aussie Sandwich

Race 3 handed Bram the pole position in the reversed top 12, and so began the pressure cooker of a race, with cars battling behind, Bram gained a 2 to 3 seconds gap, but a small mistake closed the gap to the battling cars to under 1 second.

In the closing stages it was full on pressure from behind, and although defending would normally be the order of the day, the championship points at risk could turn out to be disastrous so with careful judgment Bram let the battling cats through to protect the vital points on offer as at this stage championship points are more important, He finished in 4Th position, resulting in a clean sweep of class wins for the evening and the best result of the season so far.

Scotty had a good race with no incidents, resulting in a well earned16th position and again valuable points for the academy championship race.


Next week we will be rolling on to Zolder!

Simracersworld at Nordschleiffe

This week brought us to this iconic track, also called “the green hell“.

Simtech Racing gridded two drivers for this event: Neil Stephenson & Scotty Angelo

Instead of the normal 3x 20 minute races the organisers decided to change the format into 2×30 or 2X4 laps, which ever came sooner due to the length of the track.

Having only 12 incidents allowed, being careful and staying within the track limits would prove to be a challenge in it’s self.

Scotty Angelo drove really well this evening finishing both races in the top 15, one of the races with only 1 incident point.

Neil Stephenson also did a great job as he and Scotty were driving together for most of the races, however a minor PC issue resulted in Neil going straight instead of taking a corner.

Apparently there is no implementation of auto pilot in iRacing as if yet 😛

It goes without saying that both drivers did an excellent job on this amazingly difficult track!

Simracersworld TCR Series

We kicked off season 2 on Tuesday at Virginia Raceway.
Every week our team will compete in the Simracersworld TCR series which is a very competitive league, you can follow us via the Simracersworld broadcast

Our team for the upcoming season consists of the following drivers:
Neil Stephenson
Rob Jackson
Scotty Angelo
Bram G Claes

As each team consists of two drivers we split up in two STR teams, STR & STR Azure.

Scotty Angelo had technical issues so had to miss the opening race of the season, so it was up to the other drivers to stand our ground.

A nervous start made several people spin in Turn 1 and some ended up out before reaching turn 1, this resulted in a couple of uncharacteristic rejoins, one of which caused Rob Jackson damage and quite bad damage it was too, so not a happy start to the season for Rob.

Dejavu in the next race for Rob, safe driving is not always enough to keep the issues at bay, at the tight U turn at the tree several cars in front of him thought it was time to start some collateral damage, again resulting in Rob avoiding the wreckages, but unfortunately it was not enough, there is always 1 more car to finish it you off & back to the pits it was. Very unfortunate for our Robster !

Neil Stephenson had mixed feelings after the event as it surely could of ended better, but also due to the bumps here and there lost places down the pack but overall he took much desired points and the the season is long.

Bram G Claes was happy with his results individually with 2 top 10s and a nearly a 3rd top 10, but unfortunately someone tried an optimistic passing manoeuvre that resulted is a bump and loss of concentration making him also spin off, so he had to settle for 14th position.

SDC First race of the season

Sunday Drivers Cup first race of season 2021

For the first race of the season we visited Silverstone National

Quick laps and an unprecedented grid of over 40 cars would ensure a good race and it was good to see many familiar faces along with a share of new drivers.

Simtech Racing gridded with our maximum driver allowance of 8 split into 2 teams of 4.

The teams for the season are:

SimTech Racing: Matt Tempest, Jason Guararra, Scotty Angelo & Bram G Claes

SimTech Racing Silver: Joe Keaveney, Todd Malek, Peter Reed & Mckenzie Mann

The race was a busy affair with plenty of action (the stream can be found on the Sunday Drivers Cup page).

We managed to get two of our drivers in the top 10, Matt Tempest rolled home in 6th closely followed by Jason Guararra in 10th.

We roll onto Daytona for the next round. 

Bradley wins the 4 hours of Nurburgring!!!

Bradley Hulse finished the nurburgring endurance in P1!

The race turned out to have a crazy start…
Qualifying in p5 he made a good start and avoided 2 massive crashes before turn 1 and one on the nordschleiffe.

After the first hour it was his moment to shine as he caught up and took 1st place, which he never gave away and took it to the end, despite a reckless move from a GT3 four laps before the end.

Even a self made spin, could not hold him off the victory as the gap was a nice steady 3 minutes over his next competitor !

Well done Mr. B ! 

Sunshine Auto’s Racing League Finale.

The last race of the Sunshine Auto Racing League was held at the infamous Zolder, a great track for the TCR cars. Amongst the starters there were four Simtech drivers.

Race 1

Simon had a season high Qualifying in 5th place, Neil was close behind in 7th, Joe placed 12th and Micheal in 14th.

When the cars pulled away it didn’t take long for the door elbows out racing to start, Neil got a sideswipe in turn one but managed to gather it up and to go on to finish 7th, Simon had a good start and was right on the tail of the leading bunch, he capitalised on some mistakes and made his way up to a podium position in 3rd.

Joe made 2 places to finish in 10th and Micheal was in 13th.

Race 2

Joe started race 2 from pole position but unluckily ran wide on the opening lap and lost the lead, he managed an overall finishing position of 8th place. Neil had a hard first lap including a slow down in the fast chicane he then spun but managed to keep this to a 180 half spin also at the chicane on the 2nd lap, he managed to bring it home in 7th.

Simon also had issues being spun in the first corner but managed to bring it home in 4th place.

The Season panned out with Bob Poplett winning with 198 points. “Congrats Bob“.

Simtech’s highest finisher was Chris taking 6th place with 104 points, Simon was 10 points behind on 94 and an overall standing of 8th place, Neil finished in 12th place with 67 points.

Great racing everyone and Simtech are looking forward to next season which is starting in 2 weeks.

SRL League Race 1 Donnington Park.

Friday Night saw the opening race in the “Simulation Racing League” at Donnington Park with a total of 30 drivers taking to the starting grid, Among the 30 drivers there were 8 Simtech Racing drivers starting. Chris Young & Bram G Claes qualified well up the grid with both drivers eyeing a podium finish, However Bram made an uncharacteristic mistake … Read more

ABL Season Finale

For the final race of the season we visited Circuit de Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal.
As the winner David Burns was already known, it was a more relaxed approach, although some final standing positions could be gained.

With the famous wall of champions and the legendary known slowdowns in the chicanes incorrectly at the front of our minds we started the race!

The race started with an uneventful first few laps and other than the inevitable bumps and scrapes forced a few drivers to make an early pitstop.

Massimo Berta never lost sight of the finish line and kept pushing resulting him in a splendid 2nd place finish!

In the overall standings our best driver of the season was Matt Tempest ended the campaign in 4th position.

Another great season came to its finale and with next season starting in 2 weeks, were are sure to see more action paced racing with a large STR presence again for some great Sunday night racing with the great drivers from the Absolute Beginners League.