Creventic Endurance Series: 12 hrs of Spa Francorchamps!

A new season started for this series previously known as European Endurance series.
The start was at the legendary Spa Francorchamps, hosting GT3, GT4 & TCR.

We brought two TCR teams on the grid for these series, lead by Simon Whitten.

While Simon & Chris were in team 1 tackling the 12 hours by themselves, team 2 with Neil, Rob & Ben had a bit more “relaxation time” between stints.

Both teams were on the pace and constantly in podium positions ensuring this was going to be a good race for both teams.

While the hours rolled on, the infamous off tracks incident points iRacing gives at Spa started to rack up resulting in team 1 having 2 drive thru penalties, this has obviously made their race harder and dropping places was a result of that but eventually eventually clawing their way back with very consistent and good lap times they manage to cross the line in after 12 hours in 6th place! 👏

Team 2 showed their consistency throughout the race and stayed in podium places, even with a single drive thru and a speed penalty that took away their final push for the win they still crossed the line in 3rd position so well done 💪🏆

Thanks to all drivers in both teams!

Team 1 : Simon Whitten & Chris Young

Team 2 Neil Stephenson, Ben Stapleton-Denyer Rob Jackson

Now on to the next Event! 👊