VRS Suzuka

Simtech Racing took to the track on Saturday (6th Mar 2021) at Suzuka for the 3Hr team event, STR GT3 No.1 and STR GT3 No.2 were in the same split, whilst STR Pro were in a much higher split, the race started with STR GT3 No.1 starting 23rd and STR GT3 No.2 starting 34th, both teams got away well with Matt Tempest (No.1) and Neil Stephenson (No.2) taking the opening stint, however it could have ended so quickly got STR GT3 No.1 as at the hairpin for the first time they were very nearly collected as a innocent bystander, but luckily a few cm’s can make a lot if difference.

Sometimes a few cm's is all that is required.
Lucky for Simtech, but unlucky for the two teams involved.

The Mercedes driver put a wheel on the grass, so was pretty much a passenger for the rest of the short ride, and the Ferrari driver probably didn’t know what had just gone off, a bit of a shame for both teams, but alas one of those things, and I’m sure both teams will dust themselves off for next seasons VRS.

Muzzy driving the 2nd stint for STR GT3 No.2

BothSTR No.1 & No.2 had some good battles along the way in the first stint, before Bram Claes took the wheel for No.1 and Muzafar Ahmed made a long overdue return to the VRS fold, both drivers went on to drive very solid stints, with the odd battle here and there before handing the cars over to Joseph Keaveney  (No.1) and Debutant Mark Forte (No.2), and both drivers settled in  to their stints quickly.

Mark Forte making his debut for Simtech Racing

Mark had a few connection issues, but refused to give up till he had done his fair share target, however he surpassed this with some very confident driving whilst Joseph used all his experience to ensure that the car made it home unmarked in 11th position, STR GT3 No.2 came home in an at least deserved 22nd position.

With week 13 now upon us, there is a short break till the next season VRS starts (next race being the 20th March), and I’m sure both Muzzy and Mark will be looking forward to this as much as the rest of the team.

Well done all.